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Leelanau Sound specializes in working with musicians and bands. Having live music as you walk down the aisle or at your reception can make your dream day all that more special. Just because you don’t know if you have the equipment or knowledge doesn’t mean it can’t happen. We work with the musicians of your choosing to provide them with the equipment and technical assistance needed to play your day.


We will handle the setup of the sound system and be there the whole night to make sure the mix is just right so that musicians and wedding guests alike have a good time. We will be in touch with the musicians ahead of time to guide them through the flow of the night.


Leelanau Sound offers a mix of live and prerecorded sound services. We can provide custom playlists for any downtime. If you want prerecorded music for the ceremony and a live band for the reception, vice versa, or any mix under the sun, we can make that happen.

wedding services

Here’s a short introduction to the services we offer:


Ceremony sound


You’ve spent a lot of time and energy crafting the essence of your love into your wedding vows. We will take the same time and care to make sure your friends and family can hear those vows, loud and clear. We will work with any live musicians you want to play at your ceremony so that everything can be heard and run super smoothly.


Cocktail hour and Dinner sound


Set the mood and get your loved ones primed to party, either with live musicians, or a playlist of favorites. We’ll set up wireless microphones for toasts and speeches, and keep watch over them so that drunk uncle doesn’t grab one and give a speech that no one wants to hear. We can make as many or as few announcements needed to keep things seamlessly on schedule.


Reception sound


Knot tied, guests wined and dined, time to get this nuptial party GOING! If you’ve got a killer band, but need the sound system and someone to run it, that is what we specialize in. We also offer DJ services if you are just looking for someone to keep a steady stream of your favorite jams rocking the dance floor.

Leelanau Sound's services start at $800. Get in touch for a free consult to figure out what’s just right for you.

who is Leelanau Sound?

Leelanau Sound is owned and operated by Maria F. Ulrich.


She has a background running sound for musicians in a wide variety of settings and knows all the bumps in this road to avoid. Her professional demeanor is matched by the caliber of her audio knowledge and equipment. She is skilled at reading a room, zeroing in on the needs of a situation and addressing them tactfully. She has years of experience in wedding sound and good relationships with local vendors and musicians.



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